Yamadera Risshakuji and Konponchudo

Temple is, properly called the Risshakuji Takayuki, Jogan two years (860) Seiwa of imperial prayer of the Emperor thus is Jikaku Daishi open, your mountain of the Tendai sect.

Large building on the front is a Konponchudo of nationally designated important cultural property. Enbun first year (1356) founder Yamagata lord Kaneyori Shiva was rebuilt, in the building of the four-sided between the gambrel structure, 5, in the building of beech wood is said to be Japan's oldest, Tendai Buddhist dojo format is well conserved ing. The Donai, Jikaku Daishi work and convey wooden Medicine Buddha statue is enshrined, the thing that divided the light that Dengyodaishi is lit on Mount Hiei in Risshakuji, in contrast to when you rebuild the Enryakuji in baked strokes of Nobunaga Oda Risshakuji that was divided from, it can be Haisuru the immortal Baotou

Face-to-face stone

Upon Jikaku Daishi opens the temple, facing the hunter Panji TsukasaIwao Saburo that had dominated the region on this Oishi, was reportedly seeking a stronghold to spread Buddhism, animals who were pleased that it has left the hunter is Panji Shin dance of legend that danced grateful to Tsukasa, is dedicated in the Panji Yamadera priest.

Basho monument and Emperor Seiwa your Hoto

Cicada of voice ... 1689 that Shimiiru to leisure is and rocks (1689), traces the Oku no Hosomichi, temple in Basho Matsuo phrases visited the now 13 July, his students us 1853 ( it is a monument that was built in 1853). Hoto visible in the back is the Emperor Seiwa of memorial tower was the imperial prayer temple the temple, in the Toyama is the oldest stone pagoda.

Hie Shrine

Where the temple Sanno Festival is carried out on May 17. A large monument on the right, and the Emperor Taisho, which is Miyuki in this land, is a monument of Empress Teimei. Large ginkgo of the back is a natural monument of the thickest in Yamagata City, reportedly Jikaku Daishi you planted, in its under that age more than 1,000 years, standing parent-child monument of Kyoshi Takahama, Toshio.

Temple gate

On the right side of the temple is Tsuneyuki Buddha Hall, to be able to freely practice also worshipers, it has been prepared. Overhead of dough in the bell tower, known as the bell of 招福 of New Year's Eve. On the left, temple gate which is said to be erected in the Kamakura era, in the trailhead to such kaisando, stone steps up to the hospital Noriyuki back with Hall of the Great Buddha is more than 800 stages.


Buddha of Konodo the stone statue of datsue-ba. Down from here is hell, in the Pure Land opening above that paradise from here, cleanse the mind and body in Iwashimizu of buckwheat, climbing paradise on Kikae in new clothes, old clothes are dedicated to deprive clothing Auntie of Donai. By to climb one by one of the stone steps, to extinguish the desires and dirt, something that would brighten the correct person. Big rock on the left, also called Kasaiwa both shade stoned, Jikaku Daishi is also reportedly was conceived rain.

Kaisando and Godaido

In the temple of Jikaku Daishi you open the Risshakuji, statues of wooden Daishi has been enshrined, morning and evening, and includes a Shokumeshi and incense.

In the temple of Jikaku Daishi you open the Risshakuji, statues of wooden Daishi has been enshrined, morning and evening, and includes a Shokumeshi and incense. Left, red Chisanado of rock is a pay Kyodo to pay Sutras, it is the oldest building in the Yamauchi. In prefecture designated cultural property, dismantling repair in 1987 was carried out. Beneath that, there is a Zen contemplation cave Jogan six years (864) 歿 of Jikaku Daishi sleep. Overhead of the building is called the Godaido, in the dojo to pray for world peace enshrined the Great Ming, is also the observatory of the best mountain temple.

Back Noriyuki hospital and the Hall of the Great Buddha

In Nyohodo the front right-hand side of the old temple is also referred to as hospital Noriyuki back, founding-Jikaku Daishi is, the principal image the Shakanyorai and prabhutaratna that carry during training in China. In Sutras dojo of graphite grass brush, reconstruction of 1872. On the left side of the Hall of the Great Buddha, enshrined a golden Amitabha image of the image height 5 m, every day, we are doing the stupa memorial service.